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Millennials Are Ready For Crafting, But Is The $36B Crafting Industry Ready For Them?

Pamela N. Danziger Only 16% of the crafters engage in one craft, while 39% participate in 2-4 and 45% are involved in 5 or more creative hobbies. The top creative hobbies are edible arts (17%); painting and drawing (16%); kids crafts (16%); sewing and fabric (11%) and paper crafts (11%). The younger millennial crafters, however, have distinct preferences, being drawn to painting and drawing, paper crafts, wood crafts and home décor crafting. Millennials also engage with their children in the love of crafting. “Millennial parents are getting involved in kids crafts as they see crafting as a way to bond with their children. They also recognize the benefits of their kids participating in these activities for creative development and hand-eye coordination,” Hill adds. Becoming a destination for millennial creatives So much about crafting aligns with the zeitgeist of millennials. It is a means for self expression, a way to express creative drives, an activity to bond with family and friends, and a productive use of time, money and resources. Repurposing, reusing and upcycling old stuff into new, personalize treasures is a powerful drive among millennials. Even fast-fashion giant H&M has caught onto the trend.

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